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Hong Kong DH international services:

Qin Feng international freight is one of the designated agent of Hong Kong DH company in China, the main business express DHL transit through Hong Kong to all over the world, the company has a Hong Kong DH provides the operating system and Qin Feng international freight internal logistics system, the customer can track Qin Feng website on goods, have good service and transit time is fast, convenient query, safe and reliable.

Hong Kong since the mention Hong Kong delivery service:

Qin Feng provide LCL from shenzhen to Hong Kong since the lift, the Hong Kong local delivery service, to provide Hong Kong container terminals in Asia and Hong Kong's new airport delivery transport services; Easy to operate, since the goods the customer is simply indicate to the parts and provide the consignee phone. Hong Kong sent a need to provide the consignee detailed address and phone number, can enjoy safe and on time service.

UPS international services:

Qin Feng international freight is one of the UPS agent in home, someone who's in charge of the operation, shenzhen, Hong Kong can transfer, can turn UPS single number assigned ahead, flexible operation, convenient.

Transit transport services:

This business for export to Hong Kong or idling all over the world empty, idle land, import idler, idler empty or turn, lu lu lu for the customer agent transit business, let your goods in transit as soon as possible.

General trade import and export customs declaration services:

Qin Feng international freight with independent declaration rights and professional customs declaration, to provide customers with import and export customs clearance agent business, combined with international and Hong Kong express, customs clearance fee per ticket charge, freight charge by kilogram, under normal circumstances, the customs import and export, on the day of shipment, return the verification sheet within ten days.

The international special line service:

Developed by Qin Feng international freight yourself, all over the world with Qin Feng group subordinate company cooperate, Qin Feng international freight arrange flights, group subordinate company local delivery, fill in Qin Feng international freight waybill can be a single, Qin Feng on website directly, convenient and simple.